Shoubhik Roy Shoubhik is born & brought up in Kolkata. He spent his formative years doing theatre, painting & photography. Shoubhik studied films in Kolkata and shifted his base to Mumbai in the year 1993. He started directing commercials in 1998. People, their behavioural nuances, relatable & identifiable moments of life within a certain socio-economic diaspora intrigues Shoubhik. His sense of pre-visualisation, editing, timing & a profound understanding of the technical-creative VFX & post production processes is often a delight for the clients and creatives he works with. Shoubhik has won Abby at Goafest. He also loves teaching films and has been a visiting lecturer at XIC, Mumbai & has taken film workshops at FTII, Pune. Shoubhik is currently working as the executive and creative producer at Magik Lantern Films.